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Required Courses

Seminar (1,1)(1,1)


Elective Courses

System Group

Random ProcessesCore Course(3)

Adaptive Filter Theory (3)

Digital Signal ProcessingCore Course(3)

Advanced Digital Wireless Transmission Technologies (3)

Digital CommunicationsCore Course(3)

Modern Error-Correction Coding Technology (3)

Information Theory (3)

Applications Of Digital Communications (3)

Matrix Theory (3)

Independent Studies in Wireless Communications Channel Estimation (3)

Optimization Theory (3)

Independent Studies in Advanced Digital Communications (3)

Statistical Communication Theory (3)

Independent Studies in Collaborative Detection for Wireless Sensor Networks (3)

Error-Correction Coding (3)

Independent Studies in Distributed Estimation (3)

Machine Learning (3)

Independent Studies in Design of Multiple-Relay Cooperative Communication Systems (3)

Deep Learning (3)

Independent Studies in Design of Massive Multi-Input Multi-Output Systems (3)

Wireless Communications (3)

Independent Studies in Multi-antenna System Design (3)

Applications Of Random Set Theory In Communications (3)

Independent Studies In Applications Of Optimization Theory (3)

Cooperative Communications and Networks (3)

Independent Studies In Transceiver Design In Wireless Networks (3)

Multi-Input-Multi-Output Wireless Communication Systems (3)

Independent Studies In Transceiver Design in Wireless Networks (3)

Advanced Digital Signal Processing (3)

Independent Studies In Coding And Modulation Design (3)

Queueing Theory and Its Applications (3)

Independent Studies In Noncoherent Communication Systems (3)

Simulation of Communication System (3)

Independent Studies On Full-Duplex Communications For 5G/5G & Beyond Networks (3) 

Full-Duplex Communications for Future Wireless Networks  (3)

Independent Studies in UAV-Assisted Communications (3)

Performance Evaluation of Communication Systems (3) Independent Studies in Probabilistic Graphical Models (3)

Advanced Mathematics in Communications Engineering (3)

Independent Studies in Network Science (3)

EM-Wave Group

Planar Antenna DesignCore Course(3)

Field Theory of Guided Waves (3)

Rf Communication Circuit DesignCore Course(3)

Mathematical Methods in Physics (3)

Electromagnetic TheoryCore Course(3)

Independent Studies in Electromagnetic Compatibility (3)

Numerical Electromagnetics (3)

Independent Studies in Design Of Rf Front-End Modules (3)

Antenna Design for Wireless Communication (3)

Special Topics in Wireless Transmission (3)

Advanced Microwave Devices (3)

Special Topics in Planar Transmission Lines (3)

Advanced Theory on Electromagnetic Wave Propagation  (3)

Special Topics in Computational Electromagnetics (3)

Advanced Theory on Green's Functions (3)

Special Topics in Microstrip Antennas (3)

Seminar in Rf and Digital System in A Package (3)

Special Topics in Antenna Engineering (3)

Signal Integrity Design for Advanced Communication Systems (3)

Special Topics in Microwave Integrated Circuits (3)

System Architecture and Implementation for Personal Wireless Communications (3)

Special Topics in Advanced Microwave Devices  (3)

3D IC Integration Technology and Design for Mobile Devices (3)

Special Topics in Nonlinear Microwave Circuits (3)

Wireless Communication Circuit and System Implementation (3)